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DFSIN Alberta Financial Centre

Women's financial planning

If you've been looking for a different approach to financial planning - a more personal, caring approach based on trust and mutual respect, you just may have found it. Choosing a financial services advisor is a bit like choosing a doctor.  It's a relationship you're likely to have for a long time.  You want someone who can provide you with the best quality advice but also, someone who will listen to your concerns - someone you might describe as having good 'cents' and fine sensibility.

After more than a decade of service, Women's Financial Planning has earned a solid reputation for its unique, personal and caring approach as well as its strong commitment to education and learning.


As the first Canadian company to launch a program of educational seminars on financial planning for women, we recognize that women's financial needs are changing.

With more women in the work force today and female entrepreneurship on the rise globally[1], women are expressing a heightened interest in money matters and there is a growing demand for information on financial planning. Women have more choices today and most are choosing to be better informed when it comes to making financial decisions.


Whether you're single or married, raising a family, running a business or working at a full-time job, it is critical to have a financial plan. It's the first step to securing your future and realizing your goals.

Everyone has goals. But, not everyone has a financial plan. A financial plan can help turn your goals into reality. Before you decide to meet with a financial advisor, it's a good idea to take the time to put your goals down on paper and review all of your assets and liabilities.

What goals do you have? Would these be some of them?

For you:

  • Travel
  • Own your own home, or a vacation home
  • Retire with a steady income
  • Return to school, or take a sabbatical

For family:

  • Provide for your children's education
  • Ensure your family's safety and security
  • Establish an emergency fund

Let’s start with a financial plan based on your goals. We will then be able to show you how we can help turn them into reality. 


Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network now has a national network of advisors who have chosen to specialize in women's financial planning. These professional advisors offer today's women the assurance of quality financial advice. One-on-one or in a relaxed seminar setting, these advisors will help you navigate through the maze of financial products available and chart a realistic course which you can follow.

Total Financial Needs Assessment

Our professional financial advisors take the time to do a thorough assessment of your total financial needs. The consultation, which takes about an hour, provides the basis for our recommendations and you are under no obligation to purchase any financial products.

Complete, Integrated Financial Planning

We look at the whole picture. This includes both building and protecting your assets - insurance, taxation planning, cash management, retirement and estate planning.

Commitment to Education

Our seminars are interactive - we encourage questions and leave you with valuable educational materials.

Professional Standards

We focus on the education of our advisors - it's an ongoing process. As a basic foundation, all new advisors complete a comprehensive 10-week certification programme. Throughout their career we support their efforts to obtain the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) and other professional designations.

Extensive Range of Products and Solutions

We have one of the most extensive and innovative investment and insurance product lines available in Canada to serve your needs.

House Calls

We make house calls! At work or at home, choose what's most convenient to you. 


We’ve learned a thing or two about women's financial planning over the years. You have spoken that trust and mutual respect are qualities you value. At Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network, we're committed to earning your trust and we intend to keep it by providing you with financial solutions as solid as the Canadian values they're built upon. 

Contact us for a no obligation financial needs assessment and a personalized solution.

[1] Harvard Business Review, September, 2013